When you engage Red Candy, you really do get the whole team. We offer a full food photography service including recipe development, food styling along with product and pack photography. We even shoot on location, capturing your people, workplace and landscapes through the lens.

We start with your products, your brand DNA and your brief. Then we roll up our sleeves and get our creative on to come up with a vision. We mood board it for your visual pleasure and set about making it all happen.

Red Candy will coordinate everything, from developing recipes to sourcing props, ingredients and locations. No op shop or recycled timber yard is safe from our foraging. We’ll even raid our own personal collections to get our hands on a piece that’s ‘just right’. Move over Goldilocks!

You can probably tell we’re a little passionate. We love what we do! And we love creating images that are not only beautiful with lashings of appetite appeal, but also on brief and on brand.

Food styling & photography

When we shoot food, we’re looking for that all important appetite appeal. But before we even begin to look at what props to prep your dish with, we ask, "Who is your audience? What will they do with your product?" and "What context will they use it in?" With this end game in mind, our team of food stylists, photographers and chefs get to work dripping oil, oozing cheese and smearing sauce. All this in order for your audience to be inspired use your product - and left wanting to lick their screens...

Product Photography

What context is your product photography going to be displayed in? Would you like it with a white background, or would you like it in-situ? Do you want to see it with other ingredient elements, or does it need to stay in its pack so your audience can immediately recognize your brand? All of these versions are valid and can be achieved with minimal fuss. What’s important is that your product is given the best chance for success. After all, you want these shots to tell a story of your brand and possibly your entire product portfolio.

People Photography

People love seeing pictures of people, whether it’s for your advertising or for your promotional material, there’s nothing like your audience looking into the eyes of someone that could be going through the same thing they’re going through. And catching your subject at just the right time (like when the curl at the corner of a lip turns into a smile) is crucial. It makes or breaks the frame. Our team has years of experience looking for those moments and stealing them through the lens. Oh and corporate head-shots are still a thing - our way of doing them is on-brand and contemporary. Let us talk through how that could look for your team.

Places Photography

Sometimes your establishment needs to be the cornerstone of your visual comms campaign. That means we come to you to capture your place at it’s absolute best. It could be your farm, your restaurant, your winery; it could even be your manufacturing plant.